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Can I change the kit setup in the finals?

The running order of the finals are planned down to the minute and there is simply no time to change the standard five piece set-up for each individual. You will of course be able to adjust heights to suit you (there will be a tech to help you with this), but you must use the five piece kit as it’s supplied on the day.

I’ve got into the final 40! What now?

Keep an eye on this website where the final 10 will be announced. If you reach the final 40 it is a VERY good idea to prepare a 200 word bio about yourself in Word format with a good quality head and shoulder photo. If you reach the final 12 you will need to supply these items almost immediately.

What are the competition rules?

They are with your application form which you can download by clicking in the “Print Entry Form” link in the menu.