Frequently Asked Questions


There is no entry fee to enter the competition.

If you will be 16 or under on the 10th February 2019, yes.

Keep an eye on this website. The final 10 will be notified by email and telephone.

A trophy and the prestigious title. All finalists normally get a (very valuable) goodie bag. Winners have been known to be approached by drum and cymbal companies with endorsement deals.

It takes about five months of planning to do the under 16 competition alone. Time simply doesn’t allow for another age group.

Sending Your Entry:

Keep an eye on this website where the final 10 will be announced. If you reach the final 40 it is a VERY good idea to prepare a 200 word bio about yourself in Word format with a good quality head and shoulder photo. If you reach the final 12 you will need to supply these items almost immediately.

Click on the “Print Entry Form” link in the menu

They are with your application form which you can download by clicking in the “Print Entry Form” link in the menu.

TOTALLY!! We need to be absolutely sure it’s you. If we can’t, the entry is disqualified.

Sorry, we cannot return any video tapes or DVD’s.

We need to be absolutely sure you meet the standard to make it to the final’s in January as that’s the time we first meet you and see you play for real. To reduce any chance of “creative entries” i.e. miming to a pre recorded piece, we cannot accept any entries sent in using a electronic kit. For the avoidance of doubt, ALL entries must be made on an acoustic kit only.

Yes, because you were not as good as those who got into the final 40 or final 10.

We get over 400 tapes in, so it’s impossible to offer feedback on individual entries – sorry!

You can have backing music if you want but if the track does not allow for a substantial solo (>50%) or if it’s so loud we can’t hear you playing, you’re placing yourself at a disadvantage.

No. We will only accept a 2 minute video of you playing solo.

Firstly make sure you’re eligible, if you are, do a two minute video or DVD of you playing. Next download the entry form, read the rules and send your entry in to us.

We normally get 400+ entries. We look at them all and whittle them down to 40. We then sent those 40 tapes around to five or six professional drummers and teachers to mark their favourite 10. All responses are collated and the final 10 are chosen. Those 10 finalists battle it out at the finals.

On finals Day:

The running order of the finals are planned down to the minute and there is simply no time to change the standard five piece set-up for each individual. You will of course be able to adjust heights to suit you (there will be a tech to help you with this), but you must use the five piece kit as it’s supplied on the day.

As long as they don’t obstruct other peoples view – sure!

Each ticket will have a seat number. We will announce when tickets become available so get in there fast for the good seats!

Doors normally open at 1pm and the show normally ends at 6pm.

As many as you like. The more the merrier! We’re having ticketed seating this year so you’ll have to get in fast for the good seats when tickets go on sale.

Yes, but if you do you will be disqualified from the competition!


Each finalist is marked out of 10 on 6 separate competencies. The finalist with the most points is the winner.

Not at all. You will not receive any written music as part of this competition.


That’s a secret! However, past judges have included Vic Firth, Derek McKenzie, Geoff Dugmore, Ralph Salmins, Sola, Jason Bowld and Lloyd Ryan.

No. Have your kit set up as you like for your entry. But make sure we can clearly see you.

The judges will be marking on such things as timing, technique, using your ears, feel, playing for the music and your general attitude.

No. You can only use the cymbals we supply. Two crashes, one ride one set of hi-hats. You can only use your own pedals (single or double) your own sticks and your own throne.

Each finalist has to play a two minute solo, they then have to play a song with a bass and guitar player which will have been provided about three weeks before the finals. Finally they have to play a piece of music with the guitar players which they are only introduced to on the day.