FAQ Category: Sending your Entry

I’ve got into the final 40! What now?

Keep an eye on this website where the final 10 will be announced. If you reach the final 40 it is a VERY good idea to prepare a 200 word bio about yourself in Word format with a good quality head and shoulder photo. If you reach the final 12 you will need to supply these items almost immediately.

What are the competition rules?

They are with your application form which you can download by clicking in the “Print Entry Form” link in the menu.

Can I send in an video of me using my electronic kit?

We need to be absolutely sure you meet the standard to make it to the final’s in January as that’s the time we first meet you and see you play for real. To reduce any chance of “creative entries” i.e. miming to a pre recorded piece, we cannot accept any entries sent in using a electronic kit. For the avoidance of doubt, ALL entries must be made on an acoustic kit only.